The most rewarding way to meet new people, do business, and maintain relationships anywhere. Vitae Social is a revolutionary, face-to-face social networking app like no other.

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An Overview

Vitae is a modularised, simple-to-use mobile application coming soon to Android and iOS.

Vitae will have a unique phone-to-phone connection to reward engagements that are person to person.

Vitae only delivers relevant, manageable content to you and other users.

Vitae offers direct, instantaneous engagement to willing participants.


Through Vitae’s interface, people are encouraged to meet in person.

People meeting in person will have their profiles allocated with extra "genes" (reward points).

Genes can be spread and used within the app in a variety of ways.

Genes prove to you and others just how social users really are.

For over 8 years, the Vitae team has waited for online technology to improve enough before commencing with their goals for an alternative social application destined for mobile devices.

"This is the perfect time to introduce a new approach on the social engagement model. Today, mobile and online technology complement one another effectively, VR has entered the arena, our transportation and other appliances now keep us connected, and people are woefully tired of the existing solutions on offer. Many startups attempt to mimic mainstream platforms by tweaking and rebranding, but the underpinning principles remain the same."

"We're not adopting those principles. Vitae begins by addressing the human elements of social interaction and builds up from there."

Andrew Tzionis
Founder of Vitae Social

Meet the Vitae Social Team

The Vitae Team are a happy bunch of driven individuals who appreciate good company, belly laughs, and extremely worthwhile causes. They are on a mission to make Vitae Social the must-have app for your mobile devices.

Andrew Tzionis, Founder
A seasoned business expert with extensive experience in building successful digital start-ups and global online platforms for international brands.  [image front]

Alexis Neophytides, Co-Founder
A technical business consultant and civil engineer with an MBA in Business Administration and extensive production design experience. [image top-left]

Pantelis Yiasemi, Co-Founder
A customer service expert focused on people’s needs with a Master in Business Administration and experience in digital marketing and social tools.  [image top-right]

For Business and Employment

By consolidating the core social components that make up our daily lives, Vitae is focussing just as importantly on businesses and the individuals which make them work. With its dedicated Business Module, Vitae Social opens up a world of possibilities for your business and for those seeking employment within it:

  • Promote products, services, & events easier and quicker than before
  • Find and interview candidates for roles
  • Manage subscription-based services
  • Manage business video conferencing, webinars, casts, vlogs, and messaging
  • Build trust and reputation in new and exciting ways
  • Easily expand networks, affiliations, partnerships, and suppliers
  • Indepth campaign statistics and measurements
  • Plus much, much more

Tap a category that relates to your business and sign yourself up for early access to Vitae Social:


You are no longer restricted to one profile.

As with real life, you can choose which part of your character to reveal using Personas (i.e. show one Persona to family, another to colleagues).

With Personas, you can now leverage multiple ways to connect with other users and businesses.

Personas let you control what information is revealed about you and to whom.

Social Consolidation

Vitae combines all social aspects of your life (Business, Social, Personal).

You can build out business/professional profiles and market these effectively.

Engage with people you care about using Vitae’s range of social modules (built-in tools).

If you are seeking more intimate relationships, Vitae offers a range of highly personal features.

Privacy & Security

Vitae will provide a unique authentication process to eliminate fake profiles.

Vitae provides safety functions for when you meet other users in person.

You can hide Personas and/or other personal information from anywhere within Vitae.

You can control what information to receive from other users.

We need you

This project cannot work without you.

Vitae Social needs momentum. With more people getting behind the app, we gain the important exposure needed to propel this product to market. Please share this website or use our Share the Love tiles (below) on your favourite networks. Bring your friends and family along for this exciting journey and don't forget to subscribe for early access.